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One mailbox or hundreds — email hosting at Tuffmail is fast, flexible, reliable, and secure, with unmatched spam control

  • Large mailboxes with soft quotas
  • ClamAV virus/malware scanning
  • Secure IMAP, POP3, and SMTP access
  • Replicated IMAP storage for reliability
  • Fully redundant routing and switching
  • Multiple Internet providers
  • Two-Factor(2FA) authentication
  • Manage multiple domains in one account
  • Per mailbox trainable Bayes classifier
  • LDAP Address books
  • Auto Bcc from SMTP servers
  • Auto Allow Listing (AWL)
  • DKIM support
  • Per Domain - or + Addressing

30 Day free trial plus a 30 day money back guarantee

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"We searched long and hard for a managed email provider and only Tuffmail met our requirements. I've not had a moments regret with regard to our decision."

Mark S.

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"Well, the trial didn't last long — I'm sold! The level of account flexibility and number of options for SPAM filtering is a huge plus."

Gregg L.

"I also wanted to let you know that I've signed up for the next year. Your service, and your customer service, has been excellent so far. I'm proud to be a Tuffmail user."

Robert E.

"The storage sizes and the pricing, your support response, the flexibility and depth of customization, and the uptime of your service is simply fantastic. The spam filtering is fantastic, as well."

Kevin D.

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$2/Month Per User with 2GB of Shared Storage

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