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Account Names

Your account name and the password for the account are used to authenticate to the Account Manager. Your account is managed through Account Manager where you can change passwords, create and delete email addreses, configure auto responders, configure remote mailbox polling, manage spam restrictions and scoring, check account transfer stats, and other account management functions.

If you have an account using one of our domain names, for example, your account name will be something like this:

Mailbox Names

A mailbox name and the password for the mailbox are the username and password for authenticating to the Webmail, IMAP, POP3, and outgoing SMTP servers. Use of the SMTP servers always requires authentication.

A mailbox name has two forms and either can be used to authenticate to the Webmail, IMAP, and SMTP servers.

Some POP3 mail clients do not like an '@' sign in the username. They construct a username from the username and the server name like this

which will not work.

To avoid problems with POP3 mail clients, specify the username with an _ rather than a @.