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Account Features
  • Replicated IMAP servers provide high availability
    Each primary IMAP server is replicated at the application level to a backup server. This replication provides a very warm backup that can be brought online should the primary server fail or require maintenance.
  • Soft mailbox storage quotas
    All mailboxes in an account share the total account storage quota. We feel this provides more storage use flexibility than a hard storage limit for each mailbox. Each mailbox can be set to have a storage quota that is less that the account quota if desired. Storage used by an account can exceed the account storage quota by up to 20% before quota enforcement begins.
  • Unmatched spam controls
    Tuffmail employs a wide range of technologies to keep spam out of your mailbox.
    • Greylisting eliminates messages from compromised Windows machines not yet in blocklists
    • Spamassassin and the Tuffmail scoring system evaluates messages delivering messages scoring as spam to spam folders
    • Per mailbox trainable Bayes classifier to handle with corner cases that are not identified by the scoring system
    All Tuffmail spam controls are configurable per email address.
  • Manage multiple domains
    Tuffmail was designed to host domains through a common management interface. The only restriction we place on domains is that they are owned by the account holder or by a closeley held business entity. Tuffmail services may not be resold without permission. Please Contact us about our reseller program.
  • Backscatter prevention
    Backscatter, also called 'outscatter', is that message you receive telling you that mail you did not send could not be delivered to someone you do not know. Tuffmail can eliminate close to 100% of the backscatter to your account should an address in your account be forged in spam or by a virus.
  • Huge 100MB message size
    Send and receive messages up 100MB in size. Note: Very few other mail systems will accept messages this large. Check with your recipient before sending messages over 20MB or so.
  • Configurable per folder auto-purge (auto-delete)
    Set a time in days after which messages older than that time are automatically deleted from the folder.
  • Direct to IMAP folder delivery with '+' addressing
    Messages can be delivered directly to an IMAP folder when sent to 'localpart+folder@yourdomain.tld'. If folder does not exist then the message will be delivered to the INBOX.
  • Qmail style '-' addressing
    This option changes the folder separator in an email address from a '+' to a '-'. The first '-' in an email address is treated as the folder separator instead of the '+' character.

    This option can be set on a per domain basis. Click on 'Options' in the 'Domains' drop-down menu in the Manager. Enabling this option for a domain that has email addresses containing a '-' will produce unexpected results possibly causing mail to be rejected.

  • Supports IMAP IDLE
    IMAP clients that support the IMAP IDLE command are notified within a second or two that new mail has arrived eliminating the need to poll for new mail. New mail notifications are pushed to the mail client. These IMAP clients are known to support the IDLE command:
  • Server Side SIEVE Filters
    Sieve is a powerful filtering language that runs on the IMAP server just prior to delivering a message to an IMAP mailbox. The IMP and Squirrelmail clients have a push-button interface for creating Sieve scripts and the Manager has an editor that can be used to edit existing scripts or create new scripts if you are familiar with the Sieve language.
  • Choice of IMAP name space
    The IMAP name space affects how the IMAP servers present folders to the IMAP client. Folders can be seen as children of the INBOX or they can be seen on the same level as the INBOX.

    Most all IMAP clients allow configuring the 'Root' folder to hide the fact that folders are the childern of the INBOX but some PDAs expect all folders to be on the same level as the INBOX.

    The normal IMAP name space present folders like this:
    • INBOX/Auto-Train
    • INBOX/Sent
    • INBOX/Trash
    • INBOX/etc...

    With the altername IMAP name space folders appear like this:
    • INBOX
    • Auto-Train
    • Sent
    • Trash
    • etc...

    The IMAP name space can be configured per mailbox. The default is to create mailboxes using the alternate IMAP name space.
  • Auto-Bcc - Generate auto Bcc's (Blind Carbon Copy) for mail sent using the SMTP servers
    Quite handy to get around Outlook's inability to save sent mail on the IMAP server. Also saves the time and bandwidth to transfer the message to the SMTP server and then copy the message to the Sent folder on the IMAP server.

    A Bcc can be delivered to an IMAP folder or sent to another email address.
  • Auto (Allow/White/Green/Good/Ok) Listing Replies and messages originating from email addresses that you have sent a message to using our SMTP servers will bypass all MX restrictions and spam scoring for 30 days from the day the last message was sent.
  • Auto responders
    Auto-responders can be created in the Manager and attached to email addresses. The responders will not respond to messages that appear to be from mailing lists, messages that score as spam, or messages that do not have the target email address in the To: header field.
  • Email forwarding
    An email address can deliver to a mailbox, forward to another email address, deliver to an auto-responder, or any combination of those deliveries. Forwarding is done by the MX server receiving the message and not at the mailbox level.
  • Attachment filter for forwarding to cell phones and PDAs
    The attachment filter will forward the text only portion of messages that do not score as spam to a cell phone or a PDA.
  • Secure access
    All services can be accessed with an encrypted SSL connection or encryption on a normally plain text channel with the TLS command. This includes webmail, Manager access, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP.
  • Unlimited email addresses
    We do not place a limit on the number of email addresses that you can create. Email addresses are not mailboxes. Email addresses deliver to mailboxes, forward to another email address, deliver to and auto-responder, or any combination of those deliveries.
  • Remote box polls
    Retrieve mail from IMAP and POP3 accounts on other email systems with remote box polls. All accounts allow 60 minute poll intervals with 15 and 5 minute polling options available.
  • Real-time rejection, discard, and delivery reports
    Messages that are rejected, virus infected messages that are discarded, and messages that are accepted for delivery are logged in real time and reports are available in the Account Manager. Daily per domain and per account reports can be sent by email.