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These restricitons are configurable on a per address basis.

Technical and Blocklist Restrictions
  • Require Fully Qualified Envelope Sender
  • Require Valid Envelope Sender Domain
  • Require Valid HELO/EHLO Hostname Syntax
  • Require Fully Qualified Domain Name in HELO/EHLO
  • Require Client Reverse DNS
  • Reject Forged Sender Addresses (,,,
  • Reject Forged HELO/EHLO In Your Domain(s).
  • Greylist Invalid HELO/EHLO (Like <oemcomputer>, <Wxhtyd>, <mike>, etc.)
  • Greylist Selected Senders (23,000 Free Email Domains, and problem TLDs like .ru, .pl, .biz)
  • Greylist Selected IP Addresses (Dialup, No reverse DNS, Cable Systems, Problem IP Space)
  • Reject Open Relays and Proxies (Local list plus,,
  • Reject Persistent spam Senders (Local list plus
  • Reject Virus Gone Crazy
  • Reject Most Asian IP Addresses (IP space allocated to APNIC except for Australia, New Zealand, and Japan)
  • Reject Dynamic IP Addresses (Local list plus Pan-Am Dynamic List and
DNSBL Restrictions: