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MX Relay Service
The MX relay service is ideal for the organization that has an in-house mail server but does not have the time or expertise to implement virus and spam controls. With MX relay service the MX records for your domain(s) point to our relay servers where we virus scan and spam score the messages before forwarding them to the customer mail server.
The MX relay service can be configured to accept mail for anything@yourdomain(s) or email addresses can be created and mail will be accepted for those addresses only. MX restrictions can be applied on a domain or per address bassis. Spam scoring policies can be applied on an account, domain, or per address basis. Headers and/or subject tags are added to each message reflecting the spam scoring result. The destination mail server or the mail clients use the header information and/or subject tags to decide what to do with the message. Virus infected messages are discarded.

MX Relay Service Pricing
The MX relay service is sold in blocks of 10 users or mailboxes. There is no limit to the number of email addresses that mail will be accepted for.

10 User MX Relay Service Monthly Billing Quarterly Billing Annual Billing
With ClamAV virus scanning $6.00 $18.00 $72.00

Please contact us to set up an MX relay account.